Funny Money Productions

1225 Hermitage Avenue, Clearwater, FL

About Funny Money Productions

Mark Byrne at the International Brotherhood Of Magicians received the honor of being named "Most Original Performer" in the Strolling Olympics, See why 1500 of his peers gave him this honor! Strolling Magic is personalized, guest feel like they have had a private show just for them! Most of the magic actually happens within your guests hands, adding to the amazement. Mark also is a world class balloon twister, not your ordinary poodle and sword guy, he is The Balloon Guy. His creations are Outrageous hats that bring out people's inner child. Each creation is individually sculpted to fit people's heads and personality. Many think Mark is psychic because from a mere glance at a person he creates a hat that fit their personality and that is why he is Bad to the Balloon.