Sacha Psychic Reader

2101 w 18th St,, Chicago, IL

About Sacha Psychic Reader

This is not the same old boring party entertanment, This is Sacha psychic & tarot card readings I provide a fun and uplifting atmosphere for your event. Parties are suppose to be fun so I am not going to tell you when you are going to die or break up with your boyfriend. With over 40 years of experience, I am able to provide an accurate and professional service all your guests will enjoy. You will have a more interesting event than your ever had before. I will do the whole “gypsy” thing if requested. so try something stange but fun ,with Sacha Psychic & tarot card reader Your reading will cover all aspects of your situation, including detailed descriptions of timelines, future actions and events, outcomes and advice. I give my readings to produce clarity and accuracy.