Navy Pier Caterer

600 E Grand Ave, Chicago, IL


A Pristine Event - An Eventective User from Washington, DC

My brother was married last Spring and wanted to have it in a location that was close to the water. His wife was also raised and from Chicago and always had dreams about having her wedding at the Navy Pier. It is a fantastic venue for weddings because the view is incredibly romantic. It overlooks the lake and has an incredible view of the skyline. At nighttime, the lights sparkle and look spectacular on the rooftop. There are many spaces within this venue. For a large wedding, there is the grand ballroom, but he did not want something so large. The East End Plaza is beautiful and outside, but does not have the fantastic view that the Rooftop has. For this reason, and this reason alone, my brother chose the rooftop for the venue of his wedding reception. The floors are wooden and bring on a great ambiance that does not feel like it is a touristy venue. Instead, it feels like you are on a boardwalk and it is luxurious. There is even a tent that be erected. This was a great addition of those that wanted some shelter throughout the night. It is excellently presented and all of the staff seemed to be very helpful in the planning, as well as the executing process. The caterer was also excellent and offered a variety of different foods for those that have limited dietary restrictions. My brother was very pleased with this venue and all of the amenities. He recommends it to others when they are planning their wedding.

A Wedding On The Rooftop - An Eventective User from Fayetteville, North Carolina

My cousin got married on the rooftop and the family was stunned. When I heard that she was getting married in Chicago I was worried because you always hear about how cold it is there. However, she was smart enough to get married in the summer time and the wedding was beautiful. The scenery was romantic and uplifting for a wedding. They were married by the family pastor. The elevators brought everyone to the rooftop and they didn't have to worry about climbing stairs. The elevators were thoroughly tested before the wedding and we were assured by their friendly staff that an elevator malfunction was out of the question. A lot of the older guests were worried about the heights. She was married at the right time and we were able to see a beautiful skyline of the city along with as beautiful lake. It was unbelievable. They were able to have their first dance in a beautiful ballroom and the kids loved it too. Navy Pier Catering had a gourmet chef that prepared a wonderful meal that was served at the right temperature. The meal was warm and it was elegant. My cousin and her fiance ordered an appetizer that had the perfect salmon with some green beans, but the dinner was the best. They tilapia like I had never seen it cooked with some cheddar mashed potatoes that were a crowd pleaser. We also had salad and the wine went along with the entree. I admired the fireworks show that they had after the wedding. We all gathered on the rooftop for the display and I managed to get a few pictures. I would recommend Navy Pier Catering to any couple that is about to get married. The staff was friendly. The food was great. Everything was in order and the price was affordable and they were able to afford an extravagant honeymoon.