McCormick Place

2301 S Lake Shore Dr, Chicago, IL
Capacity: 4,249 people
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Event Spaces
Grand Concourse Lobby
Hall A
Hall A1
Hall A2
Hall B1
Hall B2
Hall C1
Hall C2
Hall D1
Hall D2
Hall E
Level Lobby 2
McDonald’s Express
Meeting Room E250+
Meeting Room E251
Meeting Room E252
Meeting Room E253
Meeting Room E253a
Meeting Room E253b
Meeting Room E253c
Meeting Room E253d
Meeting Room E254+
Meeting Room E255
Meeting Room E256
Meeting Room E257
Meeting Room E258
Meeting Room E259
Meeting Room E260
Meeting Room E261
Meeting Room E262
Meeting Room E263
Meeting Room E264
Meeting Room E265
Meeting Room E266
Meeting Room E267
Meeting Room E268*
Meeting Room E269*
Meeting Room E270
Meeting Room E271
Meeting Room E271a
Meeting Room E271b
Meeting Room E272a
Meeting Room E272b
Meeting Room E272c
Meeting Room E272d
Meeting Room E350
Meeting Room E351
Meeting Room E352
Meeting Room E353
Meeting Room E353a
Meeting Room E353b
Meeting Room E353c
Meeting Room E354
Meeting Room E354a
Meeting Room E354b
Meeting Room E450
Meeting Room E450a
Meeting Room E450b
Meeting Room E451
Meeting Room E451a
Meeting Room E451b
Meeting Room N126
Meeting Room N127
Meeting Room N128
Meeting Room N129
Meeting Room N130
Meeting Room N131
Meeting Room N132
Meeting Room N133
Meeting Room N134
Meeting Room N135
Meeting Room N136
Meeting Room N137
Meeting Room N138
Meeting Room N139
Meeting Room N140
Meeting Room N226
Meeting Room N227
Meeting Room N227a
Meeting Room N227b
Meeting Room N228
Meeting Room N229
Meeting Room N230
Meeting Room N230a
Meeting Room N230b
Meeting Room N231
Meeting Room N426
Meeting Room N426a
Meeting Room N426c
Meeting Room N427
Meeting Room N427a
Meeting Room N427bc
Meeting Room N427d
Meeting Room S100
Meeting Room S100a
Meeting Room S100bc
Meeting Room S100c
Meeting Room S101
Meeting Room S101a
Meeting Room S101b
Meeting Room S102
Meeting Room S102a
Meeting Room S102bc
Meeting Room S102d
Meeting Room S103
Meeting Room S103a
Meeting Room S103bc
Meeting Room S103d
Meeting Room S104
Meeting Room S104a
Meeting Room S104b
Meeting Room S105
Meeting Room S105a
Meeting Room S105bc
Meeting Room S105d
Meeting Room S106
Meeting Room S106a
Meeting Room S106b
Meeting Room S400b+
Meeting Room S400c+
Meeting Room S401
Meeting Room S401a
Meeting Room S401bc
Meeting Room S401d
Meeting Room S402
Meeting Room S402a
Meeting Room S402b
Meeting Room S403
Meeting Room S403a
Meeting Room S403b
Meeting Room S404
Meeting Room S404a
Meeting Room S404bc
Meeting Room S404d
Meeting Room S405
Meeting Room S405a
Meeting Room S405b
Meeting Room S406
Meeting Room S406a
Meeting Room S406b
Meeting Room S501
Meeting Room S501a
Meeting Room S501bc
Meeting Room S501d
Meeting Room S502
Meeting Room S502a
Meeting Room S502b
Meeting Room S503
Meeting Room S503a
Meeting Room S503b
Meeting Room SA1a
Meeting Room SA1b
Meeting Room SA1c
Meeting Room SA2a
Meeting Room SA2b
Meeting Room SA2c
Ryba’s Fudge Shop
The Plate Room / Food Court
Best Venue For Conferance - An Eventective User from Chicago, IL

2.7 million sq ft of exhibit halls and 700,000 sq ft for meeting rooms make up McCormick Place's modern and versatile function space. With the four main buildings linked by pedestrian promenades and sky bridges, McCormick Place is a united, economic engine suited to any and all business needs. McCormick Place contains a business center, several information desks and ATMs, and is equipped for Internet access as well as for your a/v needs.Numerous dining and snack options, from steakhouses to candy shops to coffee shacks, are located throughout the facility. Grab a quick bite at one of the food courts, or sit down and eat at one of the full service restaurants.

Great Place if a lot of space and rooms are needed! - An Eventective User from Fredonia, Wisconsin

I have attended and helped plan a few science-related conferences/expos at McCormick Place, Chicago, and it is one of the best locations to hold a conference! The center is very spacious inside and out! Located on Lakeshore Drive in Chicago, the view of the lake adds to the ambiance. The center contains a large parking lot, as well as, a Hyatt hotel nearby. Contacting McCormick place is easy, and they offer quick responses. The workers do everything possible to help the convention/conference go as expected with no problems; to run smoothly! Chicago has various things to do and places to eat, so it is a great location to hold a conference! McCormick Place is in a great location, allowing one to explore the city in between conference activities.

McCormick Place - An Eventective User from Durham, NC

I attended the SWE (Society of Women Engineers) national convention in October 2011. I was extremely pleased by the convention center: it was spacious and well organized. The only downside is the convention center is very, very big. It only makes sense to occupy this location if one has a couple of thousand attendees.

For Massive Conferencing - An Eventective User from Tuscon, AZ

I was in town Just over a week ago to run the Chicago Marathon. I had to pick up my runner's packet the day before and so I navigated the maze of parking structures and paid a fortune for thirty minutes' worth of time. I walked and walked and's a modern structure and it's clean and it has good views, oddly enough, from the walkway...but I was rather fatigued after the walk. Good thing I was able to relax (insert sarcasm here) with all the personal space I had amongst the thousands of other runners picking up their packets. Geesh. Lots of bumping into if you get claustrophobic, they pack them into the convention center. Beware. Oh yeah, what was this review for? It's a convention center. It's big, clean and can accommodate a lot of people. It's in Chicago. Not totally centrally located, but if you take public's convenient.

The McCormick is a great venue for a symposium - An Eventective User from Chicago, Illinois

I attended a symposium at the McCormick Place West, and found it to fit perfectly. There were more than 10,000 attendees, and the layout was extremely easy to find the rooms for the different classes. The layout of the main floor with booths and displays was clearly laid out and identified. The food available is good, but extremely overpriced. My suggestion is that you grab breakfast prior to going there.

Host your party at McCormick Place! - An Eventective User from Chicago, Illinois

McCormick Place in Chicago Illinois is a great meeting venue. They have a banquet halls, meeting rooms, and even large spaces that can accommodate conventions. I have attended a number of different events at McCormick Place including the auto show, two weddings, business meetings, and three conferences. The wedding that I attended at McCormick Place was great because there were over 500 people in attendance and guest seating, serving, and festivities ran smoothly because they had enough servers to accomodate the big event. for instance, when it was time to serve dinner, there must have been at least 20 servers placing plates simultaneously. Consequently, nobody had to wait. One business meeting that I attended there was for Mary Kay Cosmetics. the meeting room was spacious and the temperature was perfect. The meeting lasted about six hours and a buffet lunch was served. The food at McCormick Place is great, and at that particular lunch we had chicken with vegetables and dessert. They also had microphones and other things you need to facilitate a business meeting. For instance, they had a large screen and projector so that everyone could see the PowerPoint presentation as it was being delivered. Due to its location, McCormick Place is perfect for Chicago meetings because it is located just a few minutes away from downtown. This allows attendees to avoid heavy traffic in the downtown area, yet still be close enough to commute from offices or surrounding areas. McCormick Place also has parking at a reasonable price. meeting attendees can also take public transportation right to the venue. Overall McCormick Place is not only convenient professional and accommodating, but it can help to make your event a smash!

Meeting In The City - An Eventective User from Minneapolis, Minnesota

I had to go to a conference for work last fall and it was help at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois. It was a great center and I would love to go back for another type of event or conference. The site was amazing. They have huge floor plans and they hold hundreds of people. There was plenty of space for our conference and there were other events going on in other areas as well but you don't feel crowded. They have a lot of amenities. They have ATM's for easy access to your money, a great business center for any of your out of office business needs, coat check, a first aid service, and they also have a gift shop. We ate a lot while we were there for two days for our conference. There are hotels that are within easy walking distance and there is a lot to do in the area since it is right in Chicago. Another great thing that they offer is a relaxation center. It was great when we had breaks you could go and sit down and get a massage. They also have a lunch room and they do catering as well. We experienced both while we were at the convention. The catering was great but the lunch room offered a greater variety. The food was really good in both circumstances. They have so much to offer and you will love the state of the are facilities for you so that all of your needs will be met. If you planning a large conference or event you should consider this site.

Venue Types
  • Max Number of People for an Event: 4249
  • Total Meeting Room Space (Square Feet): 3