CDDs Videography Service - LIVE Streaming

Charlotte, NC

About CDDs Videography Service - LIVE Streaming

Creative Discount Design (CDD) is dedicated to guaranteeing you, the Bride To Be and Groom To Be, a beautiful personalized DVD/Blu-Ray/Flash Media expressing your special day. We offer many customized packages and extra options guaranteed to fit almost any wedding budget. In addition, if your have family or friends that cannot attend your wedding for some reason (i.e., cost of travel, small venue, illness/handicapped, COVID-19, etc.), you can still allow them to be part of your special day. CDD will be able to BROADCAST YOUR WEDDING LIVE ONLINE THROUGH VIDEO STREAMING! So, don't let anyone miss a beat of your special day. Also, add a Photo Booth to your entertainment. Just take 15% your final cost when you book both videography service and photo booth rental. Visit our website for more details and learn more by emailing or calling. All package and pricing information is listed on our website.
  • Special Features: With Live Streaming, You Don't Have To Waste Thousands Of Dollars Cancelling. In some cases you would rather have your guests on hand, face-to-face, to celebrate your wedding day; however, if your guests just cannot attend, video LIVE Streaming is a go.