Elza - Concert Pianist

15309 Braddok rd, Centreville, VA

About Elza - Concert Pianist

Elza is a concert pianist with over 20 years of experience. She enjoys to give audience the pleasure of listening to live piano music. She plays all styles: from classical to jazz . She earned her Master degree in piano performance in Moscow (her resume on her site WWW.RMAOA.com). Bilingual English/Russian. She has portable Yamaha in case there is no grand piano. Elza is very attractive making it enjoyable to watch her play the piano. Elza has a beautiful voice and likes the audience to sing along with her. She knows music history well and can talk about played music if the audience is interested. She is a very educated and classy person. She has a good sense of humor and unique personality. Her music and personality touch people's hearts. She works in DC, VA, MD. You will be extremely happy to have Elza play for any event.