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2233 6th Avenue South Birmingham, AL
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Stop and smell their roses, An Eventective User from Harpersville, AL

Backstage Florist and Gifts is located in Birmingham, AL. As much as I hate to say it as a woman, I hate flowers. I don't know any of their names and they don't smell too nice, so to walk into a flower shop for a woman like me is about the way if feels for a real manly man. I never know the proper flower for this or that. If it means I love you or I kinda do, or if it means sorry your cat died. I don't speak flower, but they do. I had tried plenty of florist before and it seemed to me that they throw big words over your head and try to make it seem like you are dumber than you are, and it can be really uncomfortable. I said that to say, forget what you thought about flowers, and forget what you thought about florist, this place rewrites it all. I must say from the minute I walked in I felt welcome, I felt like a customer instead of like an idiot. The lady was so nice, she walked me by the flowers step by step, and even talked about their notes, I love music didn't know flowers did too. She re-introduced me to flowers as something to appreaciate instead of a love-hate relationship. She took my order, after I told her what I wanted instead of her telling me what she was going to do. And she had my flowers done, when I got back from a little shopping down town. These people are experienced, and talented, and gave me the most wonderful arrangement for my niece who was in the hospital. They are the only florist for me.