The Magic and Mentalism of Carl Christman

Beverly Hills, CA

About The Magic and Mentalism of Carl Christman

Imagine hearing people’s thoughts! Now you know what it’s like to be Carl. Carl Christman is a teacher, author and mentalist. He plays with language, psychology and non-verbal cues to entertain audiences. Carl is a member of Hollywood’s famous Magic Castle and The British Society of Mystery Entertainers. In recent years, he’s become a remarkably popular entertainer as venues across the country, where audiences marvel at his ability to get inside their minds. - Stage Show This show is perfect as the centerpiece of your party or meeting. Carl combines magic, mind reading and comedy in an audience-centered exploration of the mind. This interactive experience is sure to please the entire group and leave them talking about it for weeks to come. - Psychic / Psychological Readings These intimate readings are perfect for gatherings of any size where you want to give your guests an experience they will be buzzing about. They will find these personalized psychic readings fun, fascinating and positive. These intimate readings will make your guests feel special. - Strolling Magic This is the perfect alternative when you want to keep the party going strong and make sure everyone has a wonderful time. Carl mingles with the crowd and entertains them with magic and mysteries of the mind that take place in own their hands.