Bluecat International

113 N. San Vicente Blvd, 2nd Floor, Beverly Hills,, Beverly Hills, CA

About Bluecat International

A burst of raucous laughter. An intimate moment of reflection. A fleeting glance worth a thousand words. Storytelling is a delicate art. To do it justice, to imbue it with emotion and authenticity, it requires a special kind of alchemy–the ability to blend seamlessly into the background to the point of nearly disappearing. We believe the best work comes when our subject doesn't notice the camera. As such, our approach to documentation is unobtrusive, perceptive and intuitive. You take us where the moment leads and we promise to never miss what could be the most enchanting moment in your life.
  • Special Features: Established in 2001, specializes in cinematic documentaries of milestone family events, corporate, promo, and web productions.