People's Choice Band

103 West Mesquite St PO Box 296 Austin, TX
We perform live music within a wide range of venues. Everything from birthday parties with a handful of people, to town festivals with tens of thousands in attendance. We specialize in Weddings, Christmas Parties, Corporate Events, Street Dances, Political Functions, etc... Our goal is to keep people on the dance floor. No two nights are exactly alike. Our song selection evolves nightly and is strictly "Crowd Dependant"! People of all ages enjoy dancing to our music which stems from our extremely diverse repertoire. Music Genres include, but are not limited to: Country, Rock, RnB, Hip-Hop, Oldies & Swing. Break music is included with all bookings.
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We Provide Live Music for Events in all major cities of the United States and Many Cities Worldwide! Our Mission is to enhance your event by adding entertainment that people of all ages, races and cultures can enjoy! The best thing about our company is we work within YOUR budget, and offer exciting talent at a reasonable price!