Elegant Express Weddings

Austin, TX
I provide Minister services in Austin and surrounding areas. I've performed hundreds of wedding ceremonies. I have been a minister for nearly a decade providing beautiful, thoughtful, and heart felt ceremonies. You can say I believe in Love, trust, hope and forgiveness ,building strong families and promised commitments for a life time.Your ceremony will be everything you have dreamed of. I've worked with hundreds of couples and would love to provide my services to you. My fee is $125 and there is no extra travel fee. I also have fantastic weekday specials listed on my website. Elegant Express also offers photography, Arbor and chair rentals, Cake and more. I look forward to hearing from you. We really have it all along with affordable prices. Have fun planning your Wedding day! My community involvement is "House with no walls Ministry". Our mission is to be kind, helpful and non judgmental of others. We do what we can when we can! One of our favorite things to do is make up sack lunches and drive around and pass them out to people on the streets holding signs. That's a great deal of fun and usually very appreciated. Occasional the recipient would rather have an alcoholic beverage, although I'm a minister I still haven't figured out how to turn water into wine so there stuck with a nice cold water. We love the elderly and its very rewarding to spend the day at an elderly center. They really need our love and attention. Our photographer comes and we take photo's and visit. About a week later we go back and pass out there pictures and they are so trilled. Another passion of the ministry is planting fruit trees and small gardens. We encourage everyone that can even in the smallest way to grow food. Its a beautiful thing. The Ministry is funded by the fees I charge for wedding services. So when using Elegant Express Mobile Weddings you have just passed on a blessing and truly given a gift. Thank you so much!