About 4th Wall Events

4th wall events is a locally owned and operated business. Professionally staffed with actors and management that have decades of experience in the service and entertainment fields. We only service the central Texas area and do our utmost to source anything we require to make your event a success from other local businesses. If you are planning a company event, why have a party that will be forgotten days after? Get your people involved in the event! And more importantly, get them involved with one another. A tight knit friendly workplace is a joy for everyone involved and you can give all your employees a show that they will be talking about for weeks and months to come. We even offer mysteries with an emphasis in team-building to encourage your group to work together and think outside the box in a fun and creative environment. Looking for a party idea to die for? Our professional staff can help you plan your murder for as few as 15 guest or as many as 300. With ratings from G-R we can entertain people ages 10 and up! We will help you plan every detail from the location to the decor! We put on public shows several times a month and encourage you and all your friends to attend. Our public shows (rated PG-13) usually come with a fine meal and always come with excitement. We fully submerge you into the world of the show. Witness a gunfight in a saloon while chowin’ down on some good ol’ fashioned Texas BBQ. Or visit a speakeasy filled with gangsters, lowlifes and thugs while donning your favorite fedora! While there is no dress code at our public shows, we encourage all of our guests to come in costume to add to the ambiance. Who knows, you may even walk away with an award! All of our mysteries are “fair-play” mysteries. What does that mean, exactly? It means that unlike other companies that may blindside you with a solution that doesn’t add up, or try to trick you by disguising actors as audience members, our mysteries can be solved by gathering all the clues. Our mysteries can be enjoyed by the passive viewer or the most cut-throat sleuth! Our Private Murders: Our team of professional actors will guide your party through 2 hours of interactive murder, scandal and intrigue! We offer a 2-3 hour interactive murder mystery where the culprit could be anyone in the room….even you! Work with teammates to solve the crime and win killer prizes, including the coveted Best Actor or Best Actress award! We have many pre-scripted mysteries for you to choose from but if none quite meet your needs or you just want that something extra that will wow any guest we are happy to create a custom script tailored for specifically for your event or group.