SocialXposure LLC.

P.O. Box 81724, Atlanta, GA

About SocialXposure LLC.

SocialXposure, LLC was started by two brothers who teamed up to Revolutionize "The Future" of Photo booths. They were not fans of the traditional ways of capturing moments at events. So they went to work... These two had ideas, dreams, and determination that would allow those ideas to foster and become what today is known as, SocialXposure, LLC. The name "SocialXposure" was created because these brothers wanted to build social awareness, a social presence, and exposure for their client's events and brands. Socialxposure was built upon two quotes: "A Day Isn't Wasted If A Memory Is Created" & "Capturing Moments for Lasting Impressions" So step up For you close up, and experience the SocialXposure way of capturing Moments!