Leslie Andrews Photography

2195 Defoor Hills Road, Atlanta, GA

About Leslie Andrews Photography

Fashion & Portrait Photographer Leslie Andrews is an Atlanta-based fashion photographer whose made a name herself in the highly competitive world of beauty and fashion photography. She specializes in editorial, commercial, fashion/beauty and product photography. In 2004 Leslie left the corporate world and went back to school to pursue her love for photography. In 2006, she graduated with a degree photographic imaging and began working full-time as a fashion photographer. After a few short years, she honed her craft and garnered the attention and respect of clients and creative directors alike. Her style is sleek and clean with an edge. Leslie loves collaborative synergy, working with a fantastic team of make up, hair stylists, and fashion designers to create compelling photographs. When she's not shooting, Leslie enjoys spending time with her family, cooking and doing volunteer work, she is committed to giving back to the community and loves working with children and teens.