Rev Dr Paul C Ystebo

P O Box 309, Anaheim, CA

About Rev Dr Paul C Ystebo

I meet with couples to go over a ceremony personally in order to get mutually acquainted and to make sure that we are a good match for the ceremony. There is no obligation at that meeting to sign up for my services. It is free of charge. I perform some unique reading to make it meaningful for the couple, the parents, and the guests. My goals are personal, enjoyable, and professional for all parties involved. I am a certified and experienced Celebrant who have been trained to help families with the lost of loved ones or families wishing to celebrate their lives in meaningful, personal ways. I have led celebrant services from Mountains to the Ocean and even on the Ocean. In addition, I have performed celebrant services from back yards, golf courses, to funeral homes or even parks. I have transformed personalized memorials to celebrations of lives through services that may be or may not be of a religious nature, but will always be a deeply moving, and meaningful tribute.