About PopBliss

6 Events... 5 Days ...1 Wedding Are you ready for the WEDDING EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME? POPBLISS! WILL BE BIGGER AND MORE EPIC. From Celebrity Appearances to Over the Top Surprises. Celebrate your love with PopBliss! Named the “Uber of Weddings” by the New York Observer, PopBliss is the ultimate wedding experience for adventurous couples who crave originality and surprise! MULTIPLE COUPLES in for an epic adventure! SIX EVENTS designed to spark magic into your marriage. A destination wedding, that will bring multiple couples and their friends and families from around the world for a 4 day, multiple event celebration of love draped in the glamour. Couples will enjoy the lavishness of a luxury style joint wedding celebration with their very own bridal brunch, welcome party and live-streamed wedding plus much more. PopBliss! Wedding takes the concept of popup weddings and joint weddings to another level with the value of the experience promised to be valued at over $250k From guest celebrities to the most sought after venues/locations in the country. FIVE DAYS full of excitement and mystery! ONE INCREDIBLE WEDDING at a secret location with a wonderment factors revealed moment after moment.