Rine Boyer Art

Zhou B Arts Center, Studio 307 B 1029 W. 35th St. Chicago, IL
Rine Boyer’s wedding portraits give couples an artistic way to remember their wedding. Too often after the event is done and the thank you cards are sent, everything is put away only to be thought of on occasion. With Rine’s portraits memories become a part of daily life. Drawing from her signature style of including small symbolic shapes in her work, she uses mementos from the wedding as a backdrop for a portrait based on a favorite photograph. Rine has been painting and drawing portraits since she moved to Chicago in 2004. She regularly participates in local exhibitions and recognition of her work includes awards from exhibitions at the Beverly Arts Center and the Rockford Art Museum. Her work has been used on the set of NBC’s Parenthood show and reviews of her work have been featured in Newcity, Gaper's Block, and SOBS.org.
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