Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
2025 Avenue Of The Stars Los Angeles, CA
About Hyatt Regency Century Plaza
Surround yourself with contemporary glamour and style at Hyatt Regency Century Plaza. Perfectly situated on the fashionable Westside, adjacent to Beverly Hills, this elegant Los Angeles hotel offers easy access to all the sights of this vibrant city. Set on seven lush acres, with 726 spacious guestrooms, Equinox spa and fitness center, our Los Angeles luxury hotel is a urban retreat in the midst of the city. Discover why The Century Plaza hotel and has been the choice of dignitaries for 40+ years.
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California Lounge
Constellation Ballroom
Constellation Ballroom I
Constellation Ballroom II
Directors Boardroom
Directors Dining Room
Governors Boardroom
Governors Dining Room
Los Angeles Ballroom
Los Angeles Room
Olympic Ballroom
Olympic Ballroom I
Olympic Ballroom II
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Senators Dining Room
Westside Room
Bel-Air Room
Beverly Hills Room
Brentwood Room
California Showroom
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Encino Room
Malibu Room
Olympic Room
Pacific Palisades Room
Pacific Room
Palisades Room
Plaza Pavilion
Preview Room
Regents Boardroom
Regents Dining Room
Santa Monica Room
Senators Boardroom
Sherman Oaks Room
Westwood Room

Pricey, but Elegant and Functional (continued), An Eventective User from Atlantic, IA

The whole morning he acted like a business person, during the meetings he was quiet and attentive, in between, he was a gopher and ran to get things that I needed or wanted. At lunch, he brought me the cheeseburger and ate a salad himself. It wasn't until later that I found out he had paid for it himself. At the end of the day I gave him $100 tip for his excellent work. The next day when I paid everything, I noticed my food wasn't on the bill, and the conscierge found out that he had paid for it out of pocket. I asked if I could leave an extra tip for him at the desk, she said absolutely, I left another $100, and he was worth every penny. Overall, the office was great for what I needed, the only thing I didn't like was that it had no built-in AV equipment, it was a portable unit. The look and functionality of the whole facility was great, and the service I received was amazing. I walked away with 3 new clients for my company and now have a set place to do business in Los Angeles, and am going back in a couple of months and I am getting the same room and have already asked for the same assistant.

Pricey, but Elegant and Functional, An Eventective User from Atlantic, IA

All too often, I am sent to places to make pitches to prospective clients. And all too often I do this is cramped "business rooms" at hotels, because they either have huge gathering areas for big formal events such as weddings, or tiny 10 person "business meeting rooms. When I was told I was going to Los Angeles, my hopes went up, because at least in big cities I have options and they know how to treat business meetings. I went on the internet and conferenced with some of my cousins who live in California, they gave me a list of decent hotels that they knew of with good business meetings. I called most of them and got vague ideas of what they offered, finally about 2 hours after I had hung up, my cousin's son called back, he said that he worked at the Hyatt Regency Century Plaza as a concierge assistant on the weekends(a bell-boy). He told me to go online and look at the rooms, because they had most of the meeting rooms online. As soon as I hit the sight I knew this is the place for me. They offered tons of amenities and they had an actual business service team. I called up and spoke to a gentleman who was one of four business managers they had. We discussed what I needed and what I expected. The only thing that set me back a little was the price, but for what I was getting it was worth it(I should not that as a Midwest business person I am used to half of the costs that California just has). Making the reservations for a room and for the Director's Boardroom business room was actually pretty streamlined. I was assigned my own concierge assistant to help my clients with anything they needed. Once I arrived, I knew it was going to be a long day the next day as I had 4 separate meetings(2 in the morning and 2 in the afternoon). The conscierge assistant was in the room when I went down at 7:30 even though he wasn't supposed to have to be there until 8. He was dressed in a nice business suit(he looked very uncomfortable in it, but he was pleasant about it). We spoke for half an hour as we got acquainted. As we went to the lobby, which is gorgeous by the way, we spoke about lunch plans, and I told him he could take an hour, rather than the half-hour he was scheduled for. He asked what I was going to have and I mentioned I would probably order a cheeseburger and sit in the boardroom.