Gardena Terrace Inn
15902 S Western Ave Gardena, CA
About Gardena Terrace Inn
When you stay at the Gardena Terrace Inn, you have made the choice to receive quality, moderately priced lodging at its best. You will experience a comfortable atmosphere in each of our guest rooms. The Gardena Hotel underwent an extensive renovation that was completed in 2013. Our Gardena Hotel presents a new appearance along with many enhanced features and amenities. A wide choice of room types are available including spacious King rooms, Double Bed Rooms, and Suites. Enjoy our quiet rooms great for families or the business traveler. When we created the Gardena Terrace experience, our goal was to provide quality rooms at an affordable price. Our management focused on what hotel guests want. Thus, each of the rooms are equipped with the guest in mind. From the high-quality mattresses to the selection of TV programming, guest experience is our sole focus. The Gardena Hotel staff is dedicated to our guests and will ensure that you have a pleasant stay. We invite you to enjoy quality rooms at low rates at our Gardena Hotel!
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