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About Your Moments Media

Your Moments Media is a crafted brand created in a partnership between a group of freelancers who are proficient in the art of storytelling with a total of eight years in experience. Who survive solely off their coffee addiction and sleep from time to time. You deserve to have more than just photos and videos taken of your wedding day. Our photographers do this by shooting in RAW high-resolution photos while editing in professional software. Our videographers also accomplish this by filming in 4k resolution with cinematic camera movements with coloring to create a movie grade film. But we know that quality isn't just about specs, it's so much more than that. Our team originates tailor-made content for you as a couple that stands out from the rest. We accomplish this by carefully listening to your love story. Asking surface breaking questions that let us get to know the two of you in a deeper meaning. Which then allows us to tell the specific love story that you have created together. The product that we deliver to you is more than just photos, it's more than just a video of your special day. It's the profound love for each other that you have created. Each of our team takes great pride in perfecting their craft through the passion they have behind the camera in order to bring the two of you a lifelong memory to continue to relive. After you book with us, you become our priority! We want to know all about the two of you and what makes you, you! We'll always be just a phone call/email away! Our brew is fully sculpted on the love story you have created through each other and your unique quirks. Our best videos come from couples who are down to explore their adventurous side and let us show off their love story. And don't worry, we know most people aren't totally comfortable in front of a camera, so we got you. It's our job to make you guys look awesome and we can't do that without a level of trust and compatibility! were super down to earth and will most likely help move things around, hold the dress, fix the tie, you name it! You invite us in to capture a very special and intimate day and we'll honor that by creating a natural, feel-good environment and wedding video you're proud of. Ask us recommendations for poses, day of timing, best spots for shooting at the venue and more! we'll be right there to help you guys all day while capturing the raw, intimate moments without the awkward interaction!

Event Pricing

Photography Packages
$600 - $1,200 /event
Pricing for weddings only
Videography Packages
$800 - $1,600 /event
Pricing for weddings only
Both Videography & Photography Packages
$1,400 - $2,800 /event
Pricing for weddings only
  • Special Features: We offer: - High resolution 4k Videos - Drone Footage - Full Ceremonial Video Coverage - Day of Highlight Videos Set to Music - Speeches Recoding