Michael Jackson Tribute Artist

Ypsilanti, MI

About Michael Jackson Tribute Artist

Some call him the "ghost of Michael Jackson" others, the "shadow of M.J." These are just some of the ways people have attempted to describe Michael Cole Jackson. And while it may be debatable as to which name best suites the performer for his talent, it is without argument that Michael Cole Jackson brings the #1 Michael Jackson tribute experience. Through the years of his performances, Michael Cole has immediately been recognized by many people throughout his home state Michigan and many other states around the US for his shocking ability to capture the spirit of Michael Jackson. Michael Cole has won over 50 local and regional talent and impersonation contests, in 2009, was awarded the best Male Entertainer in the Detroit area by the Performance Awards of Detroit (PAD), and most recently, Michael Cole won a state-wide competition where he became 2011 Detroit/Michigan's King of Illusionist. Throughout his journey, Michael Cole has traveled and performed in in over a dozen different states including Las Vegas, Nevada and in multiple countries. He has worked with some of the top nationally known entertainers and has been hired as a special guest entertainer for many national talent competitions. Today Michael Cole is still performing and loving every second of it. Contact us at TrinQuest Promotions: Entertainment & Media *NOT DISPLAYED* today or click contact us to have Michael Cole at your next event and reserve your date!