About John Hegner

John Hegner has recently emerged as an exciting new voice in Chicagoland's music scene. Working from his studio, Starbell Hatchery, in rural Woodstock, Illinois, his album has taken a number of years to complete in between many other musical projects. Now ready for release, "254" is an amazing blend of meaningful lyrics, hypnotic melodies, astounding musical hooks and smooth, dreamy vocals that will take you on a journey through love, faith, inspiration, reflection, life and beyond. His lyrics and melodies are peaceful and thoughtful, and his arrangements unique and lyrical. With a vocal style calling to mind James Blunt and Jim Brickman, a songwriting concept in the realm of Burt Bacharach and Randy Newman, Hegner commands the stage with a disarming grace distinctly his own. He has had the distinction of playing at the Woodstock Opera House, and a history of performing at numerous venues on the New York City and Boston music scene.