About SHstudios

SHstudios consists of a husband and wife photographer team providing wedding photography in the Washington DC metro area -- (Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC). Because we initiated operations in 2008, our prices still remain very competitive. Indeed our wedding clients, for the foreseeable future, get two photographers for the price of one. This allows us to take many shots at different angles and capture other activities and moments not possible with just one photographer. For example, depending upon the wedding location venue, we are able to take simultaneous shots of both the bride and groom getting ready for the ceremony. Our typical wedding package will include the three phases of the wedding day -- getting ready, the ceremony, and the reception. Other services may include an engagement shoot, either requested through another wedding package or ala carte. The Getting Ready phase: We will meet the bride at her designated location and shoot the hair, make-up, and dressing activities. If the bride and groom and their entourages are getting ready in the same general vicinity, such as the church, a nearby hotel, or the combined ceremony/reception site, we will time synchronize our cameras and simultaneously shoot both parties. In these situations, the two photographers will allow you to capture those moments that have always been denied through tradition. The Ceremony: Often wedding ceremonies performed in churches present a challenge to photographers. Church policy will often not allow use of flashes or photographer presence near the alter. In addition, the lighting in churches may be inadequate, as they are based upon limited incoming natural light and often inferior inside lighting. SHstudios use the latest top-of-the-line professional grade digital cameras and lenses to capture these ceremony moments. We use Nikon's most recent camera, the Nikon D3s, which has 6 times the light exposure capabilities of Nikon's previous professional cameras. We also use the 200mm telescopic lens whenever photography distances are restricted. Even after all actions are taken to obtain the best ceremony photos, all of our delivered wedding day photos still go through two-levels of post-production enhancements. The Reception: SHstudios uses both the traditional and photojournalistic styles to capture the activities after the ceremony and during the reception. We will take the traditional wedding party and bride and groom family photos after the ceremony and various group photos during the reception. However, throughout the wedding day, we will be taking candid and photojournalistic shots at every opportunity. The Finished Products: We generally take anywhere from 2,000 to 3,500 photos during the wedding day. All of these photos will go through an initial batch-level of post-production photo enhancements. We will then review and identify the best of these photos for additional individual post-production enhancements and final delivery. All wedding packages include a DVD disk with the final high-resolution images. Each typical wedding day event, as described above, will generally have 600 to 1,200 images, depending often upon the number of wedding guests. All wedding packages will include, at least, one flush mount leather album. The $1,500 package will include a 20-page, 5x7" album, which will contain 20 5x7" photos. Our most popular 40 page, 8x10" album is individually designed by us in a storybook style and will generally contain 120 to 150 photos.