Ralph Henzler Fine Art Photography

Winston Salem, NC

About Ralph Henzler Fine Art Photography

Fine Art Photography. Artist's Statement 2012 Having this strong interest in art and its creation my journey has taken me from painting, pottery, torch work glass and flat and fused glass. Certainly, I have arrived at my next challenge: photography. It’s often been said that an artist thinks with the right, or creative side of the brain, while a scientist or engineer uses the left, logical side. Many claim it is impossible to find someone who can use both right and left sides effectively. Those people haven’t met me. The entire process of creating a photograph is very exciting and the work of selecting a subject is challenging. Creating my best photographs occurs when stimulated by different kinds of assignments. So, my kind of mind would probably go nuts if I had to do the same kind of photography all the time. As a photographer, my work needs to be presented and go one step further. The viewer should see and feel something else in addition to the object or scene that is presented. When I use alternative processes, my images are or may be given a soft focus, a slightly altered hue, and/or a feeling of liquidity that flows with the subject. By using this approach I can add spontaneity and surprise – the viewer is often startled to see the actual completed process. My recent interests have been concentrated on creating black and white photographs and when I remove the color from an image the viewer is then aware of the patterns, the architectural angles and the stripped down vision of what I see. My black and white creations are already abstractions. The world isn't black and white. No matter how I print it, it's an interpretation. Peace....