Summer Bounce Entertainment

# 30 Keating Road Winnipeg, MB
Interactive DJ Service Interactive game shows Here at Summer Bounce Entertainment we provide interactive DJ services & Game shows for weddings, socials, parties & schools and corporate events, who needs a DJ who gets away from the typical stand behind the table DJ and gets out on the dance floor and interacts with their guests and teaches them fun and interactive dances, also those who need a DJ who arrives on time, plays request, and is licensed, insured and thoroughly trained. Most people who book a DJ aren’t aware of what to look for and so they shop by price rather than quality and end up with a DJ that wastes their money, frustrates them and leaves them unhappy. We always offer interactive DJ’s who get involved with the crowd and use their upbeat personality to show that everyone is there to have fun. We also offer password protected online client area where each customer can browse, listen and select their favorite songs as well as powerful planning tools that can be used to put every detail in order and copies can be printed for the photographer, caterer and other wedding professionals. To help our customers make the best decision possible we give a free “how to choose your DJ guide” which contains tips & tricks to know what questions to ask your DJ when it comes to licensing, insurance, set up times, playing request, how well they work with other event professionals, dress and how they entertain as well as a free five minute DVD that shows us in action at different events. You can also view pictures from other events on our website.
Grande Pointe, MB  
$495-$625 per event
DCS Music Services has been serving Winnipeg and surrounding area with great prices and packages for all events since 1999.