Spark Rentals Inc.

Winnipeg, MB
Spark Rentals Inc. is a new start-up focused on providing the best rental experience for PA systems, LED dance floors, LED curtains, and other DJ lighting and effects equipment. It achieves this goal by offering flexible predetermined return dates, affordable packages, and sourcing innovative equipment unavailable elsewhere in Manitoba. No longer will independent event planners have to worry about strict rental periods or discreet price and fee lists. Providing service excellence is a priority that will be reached by offering easy to use equipment, delivery and set-up services to meet its client’s needs, and succeeding in our commitment to ensure that every customer has a positive experience. Spark Rentals Inc. is suited for those looking to add a spark to their wedding, social, house party, graduation party, cultural event, or other unique event, who will find browsing our website to be an easy and informative process that lets them focus on what maters, enjoying their event.