Jacene - Female Mentalist - Saskatoon - Weyburn - Winnipeg

Winnipeg, MB
Jacene's Mind Mystique show is an impressive blend of mentalism, and the powers of the human mind! CORPORATE EVENTS *WEDDINGS *BANQUETS *FUNDRAISERS *PRIVATE PARTIES *MOTIVATIONAL EVENTS For groups of 40 or more, Jacene offers a 60 minute Stage Show. Usually performed in a banquet room, she can entertain groups of 40 to 4000. Combining mind reading, music, and comedy, Jacene will keep your guests enthralled. The audience will experience thoughts being plucked from their minds along with unexplainable feats of the powers of the mind. Jacene creates a dynamic show that will be talked about for years to come. For smaller groups usually at a house party, Jacene will perform a Parlor show. Parlor mind reading can be performed right in your house, backyard or board rooms and is appropriate for: 1. Small Corporate functions 2. Corporate meetings 3. Birthday Parties 4. Family Gatherings Jacene also performs strolling mentalism. This is a great addition to any cocktail hour! She will mix and mingle with your guests throughout the venue and interact as they are seated at their table waiting for the event to start. For a truly unique experience, inquire about a "two-performer" act. Jacene has teamed up with one of Saskatchewan's finest Magicians to offer an experience that is truly unforgettable!
$3,500-$5,000 per event
Out of their seats and into the limelight! Taking corporate entertainment to the next level, Magician Sam Pearce invites your guests to become the real stars of the show during a night of incredible magic and hilarious comedy. The squeaky-clean show leaves everyone laughing and no one blushing. His quick wit and clever comedy has made Canada’s top executives roll in aisles for more than 15 years. Unleash the hilarity. Bring on the magic. Make it a night to remember! Get started today by checking Sam's availability
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