desjardins dr, Winnipeg, MB


Instant Magnet is a company that specializes in popular photo booth services which are great additions to weddings and other special events. What sets our business apart is that we produce instant magnets as well as photo sharing and custom Frames Design. We strive to give you and your guests an unforgettable gift from your event while enjoying ourselves we happy to see Your Guests Excited when they receive the photo magnet of themselves as a souvenir. We will help you to create memories, capture them and give your guests something unique to bring home. We are specializing in creating instant photo magnets that your guests will love taking them home during the event itself. Our service offers instant, unlimited magnet production, and photo sharing. You can choose between traditional photo booth with a twist, the photos will be print on a magnet or a Creative Photography meaning our photographer will mingle between your guest and capture special moments throughout your event. All done in real time, our staff will customize and frame your photos just as you want them! After transforming your photos into photo magnets we display it on a magnet board which you and your guests can collect during the event. Photo magnets for events are unique and memorable gifts and souvenirs for any event wedding, engagement party, Christmas party, school formal, Birthday party, product launch or corporate event.