DJ Sir Charles Music Services

Winnipeg, MB
Excellent quality for the best value is my aim for every person/couple I work with. With an emphasis on attention to detail, I will ensure your event will run smoothly by providing good communication, planning and preparation. I have performed hundreds of events and experienced many scenes so I can give expert advice if needed. From a classy ceremony, a relaxed cocktail hour, delightful dinner music, and a fun night of dancing, I program my music entertainment to suit your desires. I have a music knowledge and a library that is as wide as a happy person's smile, a system that has crystal clear sound and a lights display that create a very lively environment. Along with a great ability to distinguish a crowd's appetite, I have the recipe to make your night gratifying and leave you with wonderful memories lasting a lifetime. If you'd like to be served by a polite, pleasant, professional and well organized individual (AVLA licensed, CDJA member, liability insured), I would appreciate your business.