Richard Laible

978 Elm Street, Winnetka, IL

About Richard Laible

Richard is America’s finest emcee specializing in general sessions, awards banquets, trade show floors and any other events that need a professional host. He works with a company’s creative staff and product managers to create a compelling, and when appropriate, humorous meeting that will highlight your information and speakers. The goal of everything Richard does, from the initial creative approaches through the execution of those ideas, is to engage the attendees so that they better retain the information in an entertaining and interactive format. Richard knows the meeting is about supporting the speakers and their information ... not about him. As the “Host” of the meeting Richard gives the event continuity and moves the agenda along keeping the meeting on schedule. He works in close conjunction with client’s and their creative teams to make conferences as effective, fun and unique as possible. Richard welcomes the attendees with a short comic monologue, goes over the week’s agenda and gives any pertinent housekeeping announcements. Then, throughout the day, introduces and outro-duces (if there is such a word) the scheduled speakers. Here’s a quick overview on what Richard’s role as host and M.C. involves; •Opens the meeting on a fun, upbeat and confident tone •Introduces speakers, segments and topics •Entertaining introductions of speakers, segments, breaks, housekeeping, etc. •Supports management’s presentations using innovative, engaging techniques •Creates a dynamic room environment •Keeps the event moving and on schedule •Heightens audience involvement and interactivity •Entertains the attendees between speakers and at brake times •Maximizes opportunities for humor and fun •Assists in the Q & A process from both on stage and in the “house” •Staying flexible – the presenters can engage in full-fledged interview, partial interview, or traditional monologue •Helps with any auxiliary functions (e.g., Awards banquets, Golf outings, etc.) •Helps facilitate any breakout meetings as needed •You name it ... Richard helps out!