Manifesto Photography

Windsor, ON

About Manifesto Photography

About Manifesto Photography: Many people have asked “Why did you choose the name Manifesto?”. The reason for the name is our heart behind each photo we take. The word Manifesto means “a public declaration of ones intentions, opinions, objectives, or motives.” That is what we want to shine through our photos. The real you, your inside person. The other reason for the name is that we believe in being a business of honesty and integrity. So what is our Manifesto? We declare to you this day that our intention is to start and finish each aspect of our job with excellence. Our opinion is that people come before money. Our objective is to bring a smile to your face, a tear to your mother’s eye and to stir up other fuzzy feelings when you see your photos. Our motive behind our work is to make this world a more beautiful place, from the inside out. A picture speaks a thousand words. We’d love to help you tell the world your Manifesto.