Peachtree & Ward Catering

363 York Road, Willow Grove, PA

About Peachtree & Ward Catering

Peachtree & Ward Catering is located at Willow Grove, PA. Peachtree & Ward Catering has been creating and planning Philadelphia's with 20 years of experience in most exciting galas, social-corporate celebrations and special events since 1985. They have turned warehouses into ballrooms, and ballrooms into disco halls. The catering service includes menus, beverages, cakes, rental equipment, tents, glassware, silverware, decore and rehearsal dinner. Peachtree's catering motto has always been to serve food that is every bit as fine as a great restaurant's. Menus tailored to large-scale execution, Chefs trained to prepare the mise-en-place with expert execution. Techniques refined over the years to determine exactly how much a la minute (last-minute) cooking can keep the food scintillating.