Mendonesia Cafe

3 So. Main St, Willits, CA

About Mendonesia Cafe

Mendonesia Cafe is a brand new and exciting venue in Willits, Ca! Located convienently on Hwy 101 between San Francisco and Eureka, we are a perfect stop for travelers, performers, locals and passer-bys. Mendonesia is a place that seems familiar, even if you've never been there before. A place where food, music and people of all ages come together to form a very special place of mind. A place where conversation is valued, community is cherished, and fun is prized above all else...cuz if it ain't fun folks, we ain't doin' it! Mendonesia is a place where you can enjoy a proper macchiato while sinking into the overstuffed couch. A place where a carmelita bar becomes a bonding moment between friends. A place where your 7 year old can kick your butt at the game of Life without you letting him. Mendonesia Cafe is a hybrid vision, melding the bohemian coffee shop vibe with the New Orleans funk other words, come on in and dance, sing, or just plain relax...but do come on in! We boast an awesome sound system, professionally designed and installed by Aloha Sounds from Portland, OR. With 4 full range Black Widow 15" speakers suspended from the ceiling, professional stage lighting surrounding the band area, four 18" subwoofers, 2 monitors, all the mics and stands, and a dance floor light show, we're sure that your band will feel like they are rockin' the Fillmore (yes...we even have a disco ball). Mendonesia Cafe welcomes all musical styles and performing artists to come and play any time! We are a perfect gas gig stop for bands and performers traveling through. In our short time of existence, we have already hosted bands such as Raquy and the Cavemen, the Lemon Lime Lights, Blue Turtle Seduction, the Kim Manning Band, and many others of various musical and dance related genres. For booking, please contact Jodi via email at *NOT DISPLAYED* .