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The question isn’t, “What does Event Planning 911 do?” The real question is, “What doesn’t Event Planning 911?” Over the past five years, the team at Event Planning 911 has done whatever it has taken to make our clients ideas, dreams and wishes come true. Our team’s individual and shared experience levels is one of our greatest strengths at Event Planning 911. Sharing a common passion for our clients and what we do sets us apart from other event planning companies. Our modo is: “If that’s what our client wants, that’s what we will give them.” We love what we do, we do it very well, and we love to show off what we do best. It’s a perfect storm for success. Having vision on all levels is what keeps us on top. The team at Event Planning 911 specialize in problem solving. We have a common vision for our company, clients and the future. We may use this gift to walk a client through their event from the time guests arrives until the time the event is over; or maybe, we see what the hot trends and future have to haves will be for your event; or, taking our company to the next level in offering the services that our clients will want. We have experience in all types of events, but if we had to choose our specialties it would be these: Display Showers for Bridal & Baby: A display shower is when gifts come unwrapped and then displayed for guests to see during the shower. Visit www.DisplayShowers.com for all the details. Wedding Planning: Event Planning 911 offers a number of different packages and levels of support for planning your big day. Day of Coordination: This package is always misleading, because at Event Planning 911, we don’t offer support for only the day of the event, but for one month prior. Brides love this because they know by the day their wedding day arrives all they have to be is the bride. Specialty Buffet Tables: Event Planning 911 offers candy buffet tables featuring novelty candy and Michael Mootz Chocolates, as well as gourmet popcorn tables and cookie tables. Business Events: Our experience with business events runs the gamut. We co-sponsor and plan the Wedding Show at the Wyoming Valley Mall twice a year with the BonTon. We offer meeting facilitation for dinner meetings for pharmaceutical companies. We organize and run Kids Day events for businesses. We have experience in corporate shareholder and employee meetings. We also offer public relations services to our business clients. Fundraising: It’s part of our passion to be involved with our community and nonprofit organizations. Our experience with events can translate to $ for your organization. Whether it’s a walk, an auction, gala, or any other type of event, let Event Planning 911 be part of your team.
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