Chef of All Seasons

10347 Orchard Reserve Drive, West Palm Beach, FL

About Chef of All Seasons

Private Chef, Catering, Customized Meal Delivery services and Cooking Skills lessons available at your home or office. I teach all ages and levels from beginner to expert. Your preferences could include a wide variety: ethnic, healthful, economic, complex or simple. All my menus are a custom fit that meet your preferences and desires. Among my students are amateurs, professionals, young adults and kids who want a creative and fun hobby. I keep my business tightly organized and well staffed cooking and preparing all our foods. It is the one way that absolutely guarantees my fullest attention to detail. Whether it is weekly packaged gourmet deliveries, culinary instruction, private chef catering or a combination of the three, your needs will be served with care and thoroughness by a professional of integrity. As a Kitchen Skills Instructor, the connection we make lets us explore new horizons. Everyone has there own particularities: call them assets and defects. Understanding them enables me to help you. There is great satisfaction in knowing I made a difference. As a Chef, serving a memorable feast brings great satisfaction. Cooking allows an outlet for creativity; making something with my hands that you will love can not be fully described with mere words. To be trusted with a milestone event such as a graduation, 40th birthday, anniversary, etc. is an awesome responsibility. That ride home after fulfilling that trust, no matter how long the day, can be exhilarating. The aesthetics. Preparing food opens doors to experiencing texture, color, variety, and creativity. There is also that great feeling of satisfaction that can be shared with my clients when a project is complete. Approaching the work in a skillful and professional manner with the right tools is what energizes me. It just feels right.
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