Branches Perfect Catered Affairs

123 Monmouth Road, West Long Branch, NJ
Fulfill your dreams with a wedding by Branches. Convenient location off GSP 105. "Perfect" is used time and again by our brides when describing the Branches experience. Exquisite waterfall garden, beachfront ceremony coordination, and the time of your life!
Food and Service Impeccable - An Eventective User from West Long Branch, NJ

For my sister's wedding, my family decided that we wanted to get the best food possible because of how important we realized this aspect was from our previous weddings. I searched around a little and found a few options, settling with Branches catering as the service that we wanted to go with. When I contacted this catering service, I was directed to a man that wanted to get a good idea of the type of wedding that I was having and how many people they needed to serve. This was important to me as it made me realize that they actually cared about the atmosphere of my wedding, not just how much they were going to take from me. On the day of the wedding, everything was prepared fresh as I wanted it. We had a very tender cut of steak and they also offered chicken to those that did not want meat. The bread that they served on the side was very fresh with different types of options to spread. Also, a very scrumptious dish of macaroni was served on the side to those who did not want to consume meat. This macaroni came with very fresh sauce that you can tell was seasoned and cared for meticulously. Finally, we ended with a chocolate dessert which was a nice cap on the meal. Overall, I felt as if the service was great as the waiters were diligent with the orders and came around frequently to see if anyone at the wedding wanted anything else. I would highly recommend this company for those who are looking for an upscale caterer to use for their wedding or private party.