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Ohio 552, Waverly, OH

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Lake White Club


Pleasant atmosphere and good cooking! - An Eventective User from Waverly, OH

The Lake White Club, of Waverly, Ohio, has been open for several years and famous for their moist chicken, generous portions and good service! The restaurant itself is a former ""cabin"" that's been added onto, so it has a lot of character and local stories. It started to fall into disrepair, but was recently purchased by new owners and has had some very important upgrades like new carpet and a computer-assisted ordering system. The staff is friendly and dedicated to making sure you get enough to eat and everything you need to go with it! (And yes, there will be leftovers unless you are the Jolly Green Giant!) The restaurant overlooks Lake White, and diners can watch the boats go by and people waterskiing. Ducks and geese float around the dock and the current ebbs gently against the shoreline as the jetskis pass. We actually stopped frequenting the establishment under the previous owners because the occasional bad food became--well--a little to frequent and the carpet was gross (probably 50 years old and cleaned twice). Since it's been under new ownership, we haven't had to worry about getting a bad meal because it's always good. The family-friendly atmosphere is perfect for dining out and a nice alternative to fancy-dancy places or fast food. When we want to spend a quiet evening without having to cook, we head to the Lake White Club because we know we'll be sure to find it there! I would recommend this place to travelers or local people because I know they'll have a good experience.