ECS Video Systems Incorporated

50 Hunt Street, Watertown, MA

About ECS Video Systems Incorporated

ECS Video Systems has the largest rental inventory of teleprompters in New England. We carry on-camera units, speech systems and downstage monitors for video productions, live events and concert settings. When you rent a prompter from ECS Video, everything is taken care of, from file conversions to system configuration, to arranging for one of our expert prompter operators. Our experienced teleprompter operators are accustomed to working with high profile personalities under the most demanding conditions. All of our teleprompter systems come loaded with the latest version of Magic Scroll for Windows software. We also rent unique production items from Microdolly Hollywood (dolly and jib), and Matthews Studio Equipment. Producers have put these products to use on national news magazine shows, corporate productions and educational programs. They are a great alternative to your typical options when budget and time are in short supply. Their compact size also makes them terrific for traveling productions. Our EyeDirect is a fantastic tool for getting a subject to look directly into the lens.