Uproot Restaurant

9 Mount Bethel Road, Warren, NJ

About Uproot Restaurant

UpRoot Restaurant is a Foods foundation of Success! Modern American cuisine, design, and sensibility creating a fully realized dining experience that has guests and critics abuzz.The Uproot experience is all about natural elements on the plate and in the surroundings, rustic in counterpoint to sleek, and vivid color against calm neutrality. There is a thoughtful and well-conceived flow to both food and décor. And sometimes, things are even pleasantly topsy-turvy, starting with a massive modern white sculpture of stylized tree roots in the domed entrance …and ending with a “playful dessert”. Uproot’s menu offers new and often ambitious interpretations of American fish, fowl and game, with some unusual surprises and a daily market driven vegetarian entrée. Everything at Uproot reflects a longstanding commitment to the freshest seasonal ingredients, as well as a desire to honor the intelligence (and sophisticated palates) of the dining public. It also is a great place to have meetings, events, and parties for those who love our food, wine and atmosphere. Come check it out!