Vehicle Valet, LLC

Virginia Beach, VA

About Vehicle Valet, LLC

Vehicle Valet, LLC is a company that was born in the automotive service department of a local Dealership to save people time and make sure they don’t have to alter their life to answer the question “what do i do with my car?”. Vehicle Valet, LLC offers several solutions when it comes to convenience. Since they have started Vehicle Valet, LLC has strived other ways to give people their precious time back. Their other services include, alternative airport parking that keeps the customer’s car at their home wile they are away, traditional event valet parking services, and their own different twist on small and large event parking. They also offer their Hangover Helper service after the event that picks up the guest's vehicle at the event or anywhere else they left their car after a little too much fun. All of these services and any other reason that has you asking what to do with your car, is a reason to call Vehicle Valet.