Jim Moffatt

1732 Bay St, Victoria, BC

About Jim Moffatt

Taxi Interview December 14, 2009 Q: Where did you grow up? A: In South Western Ontario on Lake St Clair in a little village called Lighthouse Cove is the short answer. The longer answer to that would take lots of space and a great bottle of Scotch. Q: What made you realize that music was your path? A: I am adopted and my mom passed away when I was seven. My dad didn’t seem to want me much and remarried to a woman who didn't want me at all. They would sit upstairs getting drunk and I would hide in the basement trying to stay out to the way and play and sing on an old guitar. Music was my escape then. Music been my salvation ever sense. Q: How would you describe the music that you typically create? A: I think of my music as stories with sound. My songs are pictures with the colours of notes instead of oils. I stir words and phrases and scales instead of turpentine, water and chemicals . I paint with emotion and sound to convey an image of what ever I am trying to create. A soundscape of experiences that I have had or we all wish we had or didn’t have for that matter. Q: Who are your biggest musical influences? A: Too, too many. James Taylor, Harry Chapin, Stan Rogers to name a few. Oh and don't forget John Prine, Willie Nelson, Arlo Guthrie, Howling Wolf and the list goes on. I know a writer named Scott Parsons. He was a strong influence too. Check him out. Q: What makes your music unique? A: My style is unique only in that it is my own. In one song we could go from a soft whisper to a loud scream. I do what I need to get across the emotion, a musical picture that I am trying to express. If you listen to my songs and close your eyes for a moment I can transform you to anything from ancient times to the future in space, from loves great tenderness to the soulless breaking of a heart. Maybe even yours. Q: Has there been one particular moment in your musical career that you're most proud of? A: Ya ..Have a couple. I played a folk club in Cowichan Valley on Vancouver Island and it was a good gig. About a year later I was at a festival and this guy comes up with the biggest smile and a beautiful women on his arm and says "Ha you're Jim Moffatt. Let me tell you why I know that. Do you remember playing the Cowichan Folk Club?" I nod yes " Well I was sitting with my girlfriend that night listening to you sing your song called Wonder Lust and after you were done I proposed to my her right then and she said Yes!" He introduced me to his wife and family and it just felt good. Another time I entered a contest in Calgary Alberta. I won and that made me fell good ‘cause there were some big names on the roster and I still won. (Big Grin) Q: What is next for you? A: I am performing again. I am working with a fine guitar player named Mike Sampson. I have just started my second batch of songs for new release with him tentatively called “about Time” I had a car accident and for years it hurt too much to even hold a guitar but that is past. My licks are clean, my tongue is sharp and eyes are keen. I am writing and singing and again teasing the muse, testing her patience and control, to get all that she has to offer. Yup I am back.