Celebrity Hypnotist TerranceB Victoria BC

Victoria, BC

About Celebrity Hypnotist TerranceB Victoria BC

A one of a kind show Terrance B's show is different from any other hypnotist show or corporate comedy act in North America today. Using information about your people and event, Terrance will design a one of a kind show especially for your group. He'll select music and designs unique routines based on your audiences preferences and the theme of your event. The show Within minutes you will see your friends transformed into stars of the show.To act as the world's strongest man, dance like Barbie or become the world's biggest Cry Baby... The results are guaranteed to make you laugh Like It OR Not! Cheeky, Bizarre and Totally Hilarious * Fun for everyone * Fast-paced * Sharp and witty * Audience participation * Guaranteed to have audiences laughing * Every show different from the last