William Bainbridge Steele Designs

915 Bougainvillea Lane, Vero Beach, FL

About William Bainbridge Steele Designs

William Bainbridge Steele Designs is located in Vero Beach, Florida and Greenwich, CT. William is a Full Service Wedding and Event Coordinator with over 30 years experience in the business. Established in 1990, William Bainbridge Steele Designs offers the highest quality in concept, design and execution. William and his Staff travel throughout the country and abroad creating some of the finest Weddings and Parties for his discerning and demanding clientele. William's passionate creativity and attention to detail for flowers and decor as well as every other conceivable aspect of each is evident in every event he undertakes. William has spent his career discovering and working with some of the greatest vendors from around the country whether searching for a Photographer, Video Production Team, Musicians, Transportation Services, Bakers, etc one can be assured that only the best is at William's request. William undertakes each and every project as though the event was for himself, simply stated, he cares so much that any expectation below what he would want for himself is unexceptable. William and his Staff only undertake one event per weekend and provide only complete event services. We do not offer day of or week of services. Our all inclusive services for Wedding or Party Coordination begin at $25,000 for Wedding or Party and can exceed $75,000 based on the size and scope of the event. Please visit our website WilliamSteele.com