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About A Family Friendly DJ, llc.

What makes me different from the many other wedding/event DJs out there? First of all I always strive to play the proper music for the occasion. This sounds like a no-brainer but you might be surprised. When I DJ weddings and receptions I don't play songs that deal with relationships breaking up, cheating, etc. At corporate events it also means helping maintain a fun and appropriate atmosphere for colleagues and clients to let down their hair a little. At Sweet 16s and school dances I play newer songs that are 'radio edits' so it is appropriate for youth. I always stay away from songs with profanity in them so you won't offend anyone who is in attendance. I'm able to do this by taking the time to read and categorize the lyrics of the songs that I purchase. Like other DJs I have thousands of songs available on my laptops, however because I am as careful about profanity as I am, I use radio edit versions when I can. These version are not readily available to the general public and help me to raise the level enjoyment for everyone. I love to take requests from the guests. However I primarily play the genres of music YOU have requested. I make sure my music library is up to date with the latest releases and have decades of classics to draw from as well. All my gear is in great working order and I recently upgraded my speakers, subs, microphones, mixer and lights. If you want dance lighting (not up-lighting) there is a $150 up charge. If you want the use of a wireless microphone or you want a lapel-type microphone there is no additional charge. My style is simple and fun. I don't 'scratch' or alter the music when I play it. I am also an in-house DJ for a local wedding reception center (The Hostess House). You are more than welcome to call them as a reference. *NOT DISPLAYED* Ask for Ron.