Matthew and Oliver

August 25, 2018 * Kittery , ME

388 days ago...

Our Story
How We Met
We both met at a business conference in 2010 in Austin, TX. The conference was 4 days long, so we got to know some of the other participants there. Matthew and I exchanged numbers and kept in touch. Since I live in Arizona and Matthew lives in Maine, I decided to take a trip out there to visit him. I ended up asking him out and we have been dating ever since.
The Wedding
12:35 PM
Attire: formal


The Little Chapel
33 Kittery Lane
Kittery , ME

Join us for our ceremony and reception in Kittery! Enjoy our love for the ocean at the reception.
Other Events
Rehearsal Brunch
Wednesday, April 11, 2018
8:00:00 AM
Jenna's Diner
10 Plaza Drive
Kittery , ME

Wedding Party
Jamie Martin - Best Man
Julia Martin - Bridesmaid
Jess Smith - Bridesmaid
Justin Rollins - Best Man
Brenda Hewert - Bridesmaid
Ashton Kelly - Bridesmaid