Mia's Martini

445 E. 20th St., Upland, CA

About Mia's Martini

Built on the fundamental belief that passion is contagious, Mia Valenzuela, owner of Mia’s Martini, has developed a love for service and for people that is recognizably unique. Our team shares in this passion; not only offering a set of skills behind the bar, but a love for human connection and a commitment to creating an exceptional experience for people no matter the task, setting, or event. We also know all the fuss these days about being a true mixologist, but it doesn’t take a refined palate to identify a good cocktail. We know pre-made margaritas get the job done, but who wants to choke down a drink when you can sip on a masterpiece?! In other words, we like hand-crafted cocktails, freshly muddled fruits, veggies, and spices, and good quality liquor and liqueurs. We know how to make a note-worthy cocktail, but most importantly we want to curate a bar selection that has YOU written all over it. We won’t limit you to the standard selections, we will take your hand and woo your palate by guiding you through choosing or creating cocktails that fit YOUR likes, preferences, and budget!

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  • Special Features: CA State Licensed TIPS Certification LEAD Certification National Bartenders Certification ServSafe Food Handlers Certification Fully Insured (with optional COI's available fro all clients!) 10 + Awards 30 + Features