MRB Jazz Project

MRB Jazz Project

Post Office Box 1387 Union, NJ
When you're planning your next corporate event, charity fundraiser, jazz concert/festival, special evening at the country club, elegant private party or music for your restaurant, bar, or any venue, think MRB Jazz Project. From contemporary interpretations of the great American songbook to sultry bossa novas and classic jazz standards, MRB delivers the music that will make your event or evening a standout to everyone in attendance. The fluid interaction of piano, bass and drums always complements and augments - never overshadows. You'll find the MRB Jazz Project brings heightened ambiance to whatever setting they perform in. Seasoned professionals with many years of performing experience, they're the perfect finishing touch whenever you want to create a memorable time.
Package Pricing

1-1/2 Hour Jazz Trio Cocktail Package

$580 - $800 Per Event

3 Hour Performance Package

$580 - $3,000 Per Event

4 Hour Jazz Trio Package

$700 - $3,500 Per Event
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