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Tustin, CA
About Simply Complete Events
With our services, we will coordinate your event, covering the areas of your plans, down to the atmosphere, all while fulfilling your expectations. We understand that you have a personal vision and drive to make your wedding day exactly as you want it to be. Perhaps you are thrilled and inspired by the challenges. You may even have excellent negotiation skills. The truth of the matter is that you can do just about anything, but you can't do everything. This is where we step in. On your wedding day, you should be enjoying all of the hard work and direction that you have put into bringing your heart out into the open for all to see. You may have family arriving that you have not seen for a while. There is no reason why you shouldn't enjoy all of the time that you get with them, as well as everyone else that has shown up. We also can't forget the one that you have made an incredible promise to love and cherish forever, and you shouldn't either. Focusing on and wondering when the DJ will notice your cue to start your first dance can stifle your vibe instead of energize it. Why not start the first day of your promise on a good note? Especially since no one wants to dance when they're angry. Sweat-ruined makeup or tux collars aren't exactly photogenic. Stress from monitoring your itinerary and hurrying between designated vendor areas can do that to you. If you have your vows memorized, you may want to spend the last few moments before walking down the aisle practicing your inflection, rather than making a call to the photographer to come capture your flower girl twirling in her dress in perfect sunlight. Simply Complete Events is just that: We simply complete your event. Enjoy your ceremony, savor that dinner, and laugh hysterically with your wedding party. It's what you're supposed to do anyway. We'll make it happen.
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$1,500 /event
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