Tuktoyaktuk, NWT - JayDee Hypnotist Corporate Stage Hypnosis

Tuktoyaktuk, NT
JayDee Hypnotist performs a clean, classy and funny comedy stage hypnosis show for all ages. His background in improv and stand-up comedy ensures that the laughs never stop. Besides corporate shows, he entertains at many fairs and festivals throughout Canada and the USA. Looking for an after grad or dry grad show? JayDee has also headlined in Las Vegas in a stage hypnosis showroom. He is available for shows and seminars in Tuktoyaktuk, NWT and throughout Canada. Have a group that needs a self help hypnosis seminar, such as Smoking Cessation, Weight Loss or Getting a Good Night's Sleep? Available dates maybe limited so contact him asap :) If you happen to travel way up north and see Tuktoyaktuk, NWT there are few things to see and experience. The Pingo Canadian Landmark has two around Tuktoyaktuk that have been designated as National Landmarks. They are distinctive, and help define the "skyline" of the town in the same way that some bigger edifices do in the big cities. They are geological oddities, but form part of the fabric of the town and are worth some time looking at, either from the plane or from the ground. Our Lady of Lourdes Ship one of the interesting things to see in Tuk. The ship had significance and the fact that the priest who sailed on it was buried just next to it. hypnotist, hypnosis, stage, party entertainment, entertainer, fair, comedy, corporate, after grad