Desert Sky Photography of Tucson

7568 W Sand River Way, Tucson, AZ
About Desert Sky Photography of Tucson
Desert Sky Photography of Tucson is a new company starting here in beautiful Tucson, AZ. The desert landscape and stunning sunsets make Tucson, AZ a perfect destination for photographers. We want to capture your moments in time with amazing detail and breath-taking backgrounds. Let’s create something beautiful together! Desert Sky Photography of Tucson uses the latest drone technology. Anyone who knows anything about aerial drone photography knows that the DJI Inspire 1 is king of the hill. The Inspire is far beyond the hobby drones and even the classic Phantoms. With retractable landing gear and steady gimbal, the images from the inspire are uninterrupted. This means the footage will be exactly what you want every time.Desert Sky Photography of Tucson will work with you to capture that perfect moment in amazing detail. Drone photography is a brand new concept that can deliver video and images that were impossible until now. Drones can go where people can’t. Previously, helicopters equipped with cameramen were needed for aerial photography. This was expensive and dangerous. Fuel costs and hazardous flying kept aerial photography limited to those who could afford it. Drones can now deliver the same amazing footage at a fraction of the cost and virtually zero danger. Now everyone can get that hollywood look to their videos. Why would you need a drone for your project? Well, Desert Sky Photography of Tucson can provide you with 4k Ultra High Definition aerial images for everything from weddings and events to real estate and land surveys. We can do building and roof inspections that you might otherwise need to rent a crane. Do you have a band and want to make a hollywood style video? We can do that. The sky is literally the limit! Desert Sky Photography of Tucson wants to extend an invitation to everyone to help express the true beauty of Tucson through photography.
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